Monday, November 9, 2015

Invierno (English)

Winter. Loneliness.
I'm quite uncomfortable with writing metered or rhymed poetry in English - my vowels and diphthongs are just  a far cry from what you'd expect from the sound of English speech. But once in a blue moon, I try. Tonight may be one such night, the night of a first, still tentative winter storm, when one goes to bed with a wish to see everything white in the morning. Time to think winter tango.

"Invierno" - "Winter". Music by Horacio Pettorossi, a guitarist and a prolific composer who spent many years touring Europe, just like Francisco Canaro, just like Roberto Maida. Lyrics by the great Enrique Cadicamo, author of countless super-hits of the Golden Era. (A Russian translation has just been posted, too)

Musica: Horacio Pettorossi
Letras: Enrique Cadícamo

el invierno con su blanco ajuar,
ya la escarcha comenzó a brillar
en mi vida sin amor.

Profundo padecer
que me hace comprender
que hallarse solo
es un horror.

Y al ver
cómo soplan en mi corazón,
vientos fríos de desolación
quiero llorar.

Porque mi alma lleva
brumas de un invierno,
que hoy no puedo disipar…
Translated in 2012

Winter came, enveloped in white veil,
Shining ice has covered the way
Of my life without love

It hurts me deep inside
And makes me understand:
To be alone
Is so sad

And when
Blow, as if coming from my heart
Chilly winds of winter solitude,
I want to weep

For my soul carries
Winter mists forever…
Cannot chase the mist away!

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